11 Decorating tips you should know about!

For some, the mere thought of hiring an interior designer scares the bejesus out of them. Thanks to their notorious portrayal in movies, many view interior designers as tsk-tsking divas, turning their noses up at everything they see, and charging fees that could even choke a millionaire. That’s total baloney we say. As a company that frequently works with interior designers, believe us when we say that they are the sweetest folks in the trade, always bursting with passion and creativity, and helping us unearth new things about our own potential!

But you’d wonder why are we talking about all this here? Well, that’s because a lot of us house-proud folks find ourselves in a jam when it comes to home decoration project. Do you really need professional assistance or can you single-handedly carry it through yourself? While the opinion of a qualified professional is undoubtedly invaluable, however, if you want to march to the beat of your own drum, there are a few important things that you need to carefully think over and plan.

Here are a few tips and tricks (not so surprisingly that also make many interior designers’ MO) that will hugely benefit your home decoration project –

#1 Write, write, write!

tip 1

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Ever heard about the habit of successful people of journaling their thoughts and pledging themselves to a goal? Apparently, it’s a good habit and you should try it too. When you have something in black and white, it in way behooves you to do it just like fulfilling formal contract. Make flow-charts, schematics, diagrams or just dash down what you plan to accomplish in the coming few days, and trust us, all the plans of men and mice that have been going astray will magically move along the right course.

PS: Please just don’t give it a lick and a promise. We often get seduced by the initial rush of embarking on a project but often lose the acceleration as we move ahead. Document your decoration process every day, without fail.

#2 Ask yourself the right questions

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This can again, involve setting down all possible questions bubbling inside your head. Right from what tools you’d need to execute your project to how much money you’d be springing for it; sit down with your folks and run ideas by them. Discussions can lead to questions that you may not have thought of.

#3 Plumb the depths before you dive

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In this day and age of social media when inspiration is available at the tap of your finger, things can’t get any easier. Plus, there are so many books/blogs/tutorials/magazines you can refer to, especially the DIY ones that will equip you with a wealth of tried and tested hacks that will help you romp through your personal project.

#4 Get your measurements right

tip 4

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This goes without saying. You will find a number of guides/tutorials online that will shepherd you step-by-step in sizing up curtains and blinds. Please note down your measurements somewhere safely because remember there’s nothing unsightly than having curtains that instead of sitting flush with the floor dangle a few inches above it!

#5 Choose your colors wisely

tip 5

Image source: Unsplash

The perfect beginning to establish the color palette is to single out your favorite color that you will love to live with every day. Once that’s decided, pair it with neutrals or white for a safe and tame interpretation or go for its vivid complement for a richer and bolder look.

#6 Take good care of your home furnishings


Image source: Pinterest

Read our cleaning tips and techniques for curtains and blinds here and cleaning guide for carpets here.

#7 Breathe a fresh breath of air in home furnishings with charming details

tip 7

Image source: Unsplash

There are tons of decorating ideas bobbing up and down out there and you surely don’t need to be a veteran tailor to be able to implement them (though you can seek help from your local tailor). From adding fluffy pompoms to your cushions to edging your curtain border with delicate lace trimmings, there’s so much you can do!

#8 Create beautiful focal points in your home

While a wall featuring sterling frames filled with family photos makes for a beautiful focal point, you can also experiment with unexpected décor objects like an intricately embroidered textile wall art like this –


Or these hoops showcasing colorful interplay of varied needlework –



#9 Resist the temptation to overdo

tip 9

Image source: Unsplash

We all love to adorn our homes with beautiful objects and furniture, we love that too but we need to ask ourselves when we are besotted by a piece and thinking of buying it, ‘Will I feel the same about it in 6 months’ time?’ and more searing questions. Read here to know if living with less is possible.

#10 Chic it up with Jungalow vibes

tip 10

Image source: Unsplash

We have colossal design crush on Justina Blakeney, the multi-hyphenate designer who has spawned a bewildering number of imitators trying to pull off her style but nobody does it better than the queen herself! Greenery, vintage items, colors, and patterns best describe her modus operandi and her blog is an interminable source of décor inspiration where she discusses the projects she does, small makeovers she brings off in her own house, planter guides, and so much more. You should definitely check it out! 

#11 Most importantly, do it with total abandon


Image source: Unsplash

Your home is a place where you rear families, celebrate significant occasions, and play host to near and dear ones. Do what all that you want whilst constantly assessing how your decorating decisions are going to impact your family’s life. Be reflective with where you are going to spend your money into and most importantly, keep experimenting and evolving.

We hope these tips serve you well. Let us us what you think about them and if you got some tips to share, please do so in the comments section below.

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How to care for your carpets

I remember when my brother and I were little – we would often receive earfuls from our baba aka ‘Safaiman’ because you know, we didn’t quite share the same vehement passion for cleanliness as he did.

The weekends especially, used to be enervating. Boy, things used to get really action-packed as baba would get in his cleaning mojo, summoning the two of us delicate darlings and drafting us into what we thought were the most unglamorous tasks. These tasks ranged from swabbing the terrace floor to knocking down cobwebs and more unglamorous in between (I’d never invited my friends over the weekends because, yes this). While baba never shied away from charging us with new tasks, he however, reserved the job of carpet cleaning to himself. Strange, both of us thought but we never asked the reason behind it for the fear of getting drafted into it.

The other day while baba was getting himself all primed for home-cleaning, I finally asked him what was frothing inside me for years. He told me that carpet cleaning, unlike other furniture and furnishings, requires patience and a method. Well, I got the patience part but method? So I quizzed him further, to which I got a detailed caring guide for carpets that I’m sharing here –

A newly installed carpet needs to be vacuumed 2-3 times a week


( image Source : pinterest )

Yes. But why does a newly installed carpet (wall-to-wall) need any vacuuming in the first place? Whether tufted or woven, carpets carry clumps of loose fibers that begin to appear after installation, putting wind up most of us. But that’s absolutely fine, my father assured me. Those loose fibers amount to just a tiny part of the total fiber composition of your carpet; so don’t start cursing your stars or retailer when you see a largish clod of fibers sucked by your vacuum. Not only vacuuming it will keep your carpet clean but it will also help straighten compressed tufts.

Likewise, you need to be a probing Peter and know what kind of pile your carpet is made from – if it is loop pile or cut pile as your cleaning method will depend on it. But just so you know – loop piles are prone to snag, so avoid the beater bar and brushes as it may cause fuzzing. So I’d suggest you to go for a regular suction head. You can very much use a turbo or power brush to for your cut pile carpet; a little caveat – avoid brushes with coarse bristles as it can damage the fibers.

Not all the dark patches of cut pile carpets go forever with vacuuming


( image Source : pinterest )

Though vacuuming will help you set the fibers straight, it will, however, not be able to prevent the odd interplay of light and shadows forming on it. The chic shaggy-ish appearance of the carpet is a result of legions of piles sitting closely together in different directions giving it a patchy look. It’s just something unique to cut pile carpets, which even your vacuum cleaner can’t totally fix.

Deal with the spillage, pronto!


( image Source : pinterest )

Yes, even if it means you becoming that irritating waiter who swabs away drops of coffee from the table the second someone spills on it. Let people call you all they want, but spills need you to act with utmost dispatch, dear one. One thing to remember always – never rub your carpet but wet the affected area with a cleaner first and then blot it up with good absorbents like tissues or a napkin. Just make sure that you don’t over wet the carpet and allow the carpet to dry completely before putting it back to its place.

When you spot a loose end, you don’t play with it but cut it

Broken fiber in carpet texture close-up

( image Source : pinterest )

 I know it’s quite tempting – pulling loose fibers of the carpet and wrapping it around your finger but however satisfying it might feel, you should totally avoid doing it. Yanking fibers from the carpet can ruffle its perfect pattern, crimp it or worst – make it look frayed. When you spot a loose fiber just cut it with your scissors; that’s it.

Fading isn’t much of a problem if you are using an area rug since you can move it away from the sunlight. However, when it comes to wall-to-wall carpets, you need to install interlined curtains and blinds for protection against direct sunlight.

I hope my baba’s carpet cleaning guide serves you well; though in my heart I know it will because he has been doing it for years and our carpets do really look shipshape and shiny!

Happy Cleaning!

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